Le Pérolles
Culinary legacy

The Pérolles is the offspring of the former restaurant Pierrot Ayer. Its aim is to please the regular guests but without comforting them with familiar flavours.

New décor, new flavours

L’authentique renewed

The modern and welcoming location boosts sharing experiences and the flavours influence the setting of the meals which are accompanied by new colours. Flavours change with the décor: new place to invest surely means new tastebuds to conquer.

Pierrot Ayer promises to stay faithful to his loyal guests, while at the same time having some fun and surprising them: the aim is to reinvent without betraying anyone – not to mention exploring new horizons to delight and reclaim, never wearing.

May 2024 be a year of happiness, health and success for you and your loved ones. Thank you for being part of our gastronomic family at Pérolles.