Haute Cuisine as a family heritage

After having lead the gourmet restaurant Le Pérolles for 15 years, Pierrot Ayer teams up with his son Julien to offer a new restaurant for gourmet fans. The two floors that structure the building have inspired Pierrot and Julien to propose a different kind of concept: a double restaurant for two types of occasions, clientele and gastronomy. Downstairs, you will find Haute Cuisine with a special Pierrot Ayer touch, and upstairs, an elegant three-way between restaurant, cafe and shop.

The idea is to welcome all types of clientele and make gourmet accessible to all, giving it a fresh new look. This concept will surely delight all those keen on Haute Cuisine as well as those that are curious to discover new fla-vours. In this way, their main objective seems to be coming to fruition. That is, to encourage intergenerational culinary exchange.

Father and son work together towards their goal : for gourmet food to appeal to everyone. !


Dear visitors,

Following the Swiss federal government’s decision regarding the fight against the Coronavirus, our restaurants are temporarily closed until the 31th of march.

We will come back stronger and we will meet again to share the wonderful pleasures of dining.