New hunting menu

New hunting menu

At Le Pérolles, we are proud to present our brand new menu, a creation inspired by the mysteries of hunting. 

Prepared with passion, our hunting menu offers an unparalleled culinary experience for lovers of fine cuisine and nature enthusiasts.

Our talented kitchen team has created dishes that showcase the richness of hunting products in all their splendour. From delicate game to wild mushrooms, each ingredient is carefully selected to deliver an exceptional taste experience.

Tasting Menu

Perfect pairings with exceptional wines

Julien and Yannick have carefully selected wines from talented winemakers that pair perfectly with the robust flavours of our hunting menu. 

Let us also guide you through our wine list of more than 900 references chosen specifically to sublimate each dish and elevate your meal to new gustatory heights.

Book a table

We invite you to reserve your table now. Whether you're a hunting enthusiast or a lover of fine cuisine, our new hunting menu will awaken your senses and satisfy your most demanding taste buds.

Not a hunting enthusiast? Don't worry, we'll adapt the menu to suit you, with lake or sea fish in particular, as well as other exceptional dishes. 

Bon appétit and see you soon at Pérolles!